Brain Farm Digital Cinema- taking it to the next level!

Brain Farm Digital Cinema is the production company behind the ground breaking snowboards films The Art of Flight and That’s it That’s All. Brain Farm has joined forces with Red Bull and Quicksilver to bring together the likes of Travis Rice, John Jackson, and more regarded as the most talented snowboarders in the world. Together they have ventured to some of the most remote places on the planet documenting the adventure. The films are action packed showcases of breath taking scenery, cutting edge snowboarding, and revolutionary cinematography. The films are also filled with Helicopters!!! Some of the movies soundtrack was composed by Curt Morgan of Brain Farm, he is a very talented dude!  One does not need to know a lot about snowboarding to enjoy these movies…. trust me, they are worth checking out! The Art of Flight is available on iTunes

The Art of Flight Trailer


I've been on helicopter tours before but your flight was special. You managed to give us the feeling of thrills, comfort and safety-- I didn't ever want to land.”

D. Alexander


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