History Channel comes to LA Helicopter Tours

Click Here for “Boys Toys” History Channel featuring LA Helicopter Tours. The History Channel came and flew around Los Angeles with us in the helicopter filming for their new show called Boys Toys. The show focuses on some of the more exciting “toys” out there. Besides the Robinson R44 helicopter and LA Helicopter Tours, the show will also feature flights in the L-39 Albatross which is a jet fighter trainer, and driving in a Lamborghini. We did a few flights with the host and hostess. They were very interested in the helicopter ride. They were also very complementary, saying it was an amazing experience. Aside from being a fun show about jets, helicopters, and sports cars… It is also a contest for the viewers to win flights in the jet in Los Angeles, Rides in the Lambo in Las Vegas, and a Premiere Celebrity Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles.

The downtown LA obsession continues

Los Angeles helicopter aerial

I have been fixated on taking pictures of downtown Los Angeles from the helicopter lately.

Here is yet another picture of Downtown LA taken on one of our tours. I don’t know why I have been so obsessed with downtown lately. I guess it is because when I fly over the city I get caught up in the moment and feel the need to take a picture.

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